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Proventure Prototyping is a privately owned engineering consulting and prototyping company offering professional product design, build, and commercialization. We take your ideas and turn them into a commercializable product. The company offers design work starting from an idea or a problem to a final prototype or product while meeting engineering, FDA, UL, and many other required standards. We will help scale the product to full production and provide post-production support as well.

Tyler Bigham is the founder of the company and is a Mechanical Engineer graduate from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has designed and built products across many industries for the past 15 years, including, medical devices, renewable energy, aerospace, lasers, high-end bicycles, and consumer goods. His relationship with many other suppliers and businesses has provided him with a large network of partner companies, greatly broadening this company’s capabilities.

Proventure has worked in many fields in many different industries:

  • Medical

  • Renewable Energy

  • Aerospace

  • Lasers

  • Scientific Devices

  • Nuclear Medical Imaging Diagnostic Products

  • Medical Sterile Packaging

  • Suspension and other Mountian Bike Components

  • Less Lethal Weapons for Law Enforcement

  • Consumer Products

  • And many more

And we are always looking for our next challenge in a new or existing industry where we can expand our knowledge base while applying our vast engineering knowledge.

Proventure offers venture prototyping, which is the design and production of prototypes or products in exchange for options in the company that owns the IP or Product. This is only offered to a select group of clients with highly marketable designs. The potential candidates for venture prototyping must be supported by venture capitalists or another funding source. 

4985 Moorhead Ave

Boulder, CO 80305-3345


Tel: 203-491-1750


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