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Proventure offers a wide range of services from simple mock-ups and single part construction to fully functional prototypes and product design, assembly, and construction. Many different materials and processes can be used for the production of prototypes depending on the part’s functional requirements. 

Engineering Sketch

CAD Design / Engineering Prints

Proventure Prototyping offers the design of new prototypes and products on the latest SolidWorks software. We design all of our parts to be optimized for the process that will be used to manufacture the parts to decrease tool time and ultimately cost.  We also offer optimization and redesign of existing parts and assemblies to reduce the production cost, while improving the part or assembly functionality.

Proventure will create engineering drawings or prints for any prototype or product.  These engineering drawings or prints will contain all the information and detail needed to manufacture the part.  They can then be used by any manufacturing facility to create the desired part.

Proventure also offers tolerance analysis for existing and new assemblies to confirm that all parts will fit together and operate properly when manufactured by any qualified manufacturer. This is an important study to run before products move into full production to decrease risk and avoid future problems that may arise.

Entering Keys

Injection Molding

Poventure offers the design of injection molded parts or will work with you to adapt your existing parts so they can be easily and cost-effectively manufactured using injection molding.  We can also work with you to provide small changes to your parts to greatly reduce the overhead cost of creating a complex injection mold. We also design the parts in a fashion to increase the life of the mold as well as decreasing the risk of potential damage to the mold during the molding process.


We work with companies that will mold parts in large production quantities as well as companies that will make smaller batches. We also offer offshore as well as local options for both mold creation as well as molding of the parts.  We also work with overseas mold suppliers to keep down the upfront capital and bring the molds locally to insure higher quality parts and quicker production times. 

Electrical engineer working on circuit board

Reverse Engineering

Proventure offers reverse engineering of a device, object, or system to analyze its structure, its internal operation, and its function. Reverse engineering often involves disassembling an existing product to gain a full understanding of its inner workings and overall function. This is often used to gain a better understanding of the product, which was previously unknown. Reverse engineering can aid in the identification of problems, the improvement of a product, or help to avoid patent infringement.

3D Manufacturing Printer

3D Printing

3D Printing, Stereolithography (SLA), Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), and more are all processes used by Proventure Prototyping to create prototypes out of several types of plastics, composites, and metals. These processes are a fast and reliable way to turn a 3D CAD model into a physical part or prototype. These processes are used to create a physical model of a part before they move into mass production to test for any problems or changes that need to be made. They are also used as a prototype or one-off model to show investors, industries, or consumers before the part move into full production.  3D printing can sometimes be used in production products as well when the production quantities are low or the cost and complexity of other manufacturing processes are too high.

Metal Engraving


Proventure offers CNC machining for the manufacture of parts with detailed shapes and features from prototyping to full production runs. Using some of the latest software, Proventure can produce complex parts from 3D CAD drawings using CNC machines. By using our engineering expertise, experience in many different fields, and precision machines we can produce precision parts for many different industries.  We can also optimize the design of your parts for CNC machining to keep down the production time and cost. We can produce very large or small components and use many different metals, plastics, and many other required materials. 



• Dense Foams – Models and mock-up

• Metals

• Plastics

• Composites and more

Additional Services:

• Laser Marking

• Anodizing

• Plating

• Passivation

• Electropolishing

• Painting

Aluminum Supplier

Sheet Metal Shaping

Sheet metal shaping services range from cutting specific shapes, bending different angles, welding, and stamping different features into the metal. We can also create very fine metal structures, with metal etching, for small electronics and EMF shielding as well as metal filters or fine metal mesh. These processes can be used to create metal containers boxes or enclosures to house anything that is desired from small electronics to large meachines and products.

Additional Services:

• Laser Marking

• Anodizing

• Plating

• Passivation

• Electropolishing

• Painting

Plastic Box

Plastic Thermoforming

Plastic thermoforming can be used to form simple or complex shapes around molds using vacuum forming, drape forming, vacuum snapback, plug assist, billow forming, reverse draw, and pressure forming. These processes are used to reach the client’s desired outcome. For these processes, molds that are provided can be used or molds can be created in-house for the product. 

This process is often used for larger components that have low production quantities. It can also be used for simple components with very high prduction quantities with minimal accuracy requirements.

Sizes as large as:

• 16″ by 16″ to 30″ by 50″

• Draw up to 18″ with material thicknesses up to .375″

Types of Plastics Used:


• Acrylic

• High Impact Styrene

• Kydex

• Lexan

• Noryl

• Polyethylene

• Polypropylene

• Polysulfone

• Rigid PVC

• Rigid & Flexible Vinyl

• Royalite

• And many more

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